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Advertiser Benefits

Advertiser Benefits

Benefits of Advertising with Senior Info Care

Happy senior citizen woman at home looking at her daughterSenior Info Care is the internet’s premier directory for senior living and senior services.  When people need to find a location for their loved ones, Senior Info Care is the preferred destination for those people. If you have a facility for which you would like to promote, Senior Info Care is the place for you!  The following are benefits and features you can realize from advertising your location with us.


You can start with a basic listing in the directory that allows you to post your facility’s information including one image and a logo for the search results.  You can also add some basic overall information about the features of your facility.   Your listing will be shown in your city for search results and in one category of your choice.


If you upgrade your listing, you can receive some of the following benefits:

More Categories

Let’s say your facility caters to both assisted living and memory care individuals.  By upgrading, your listing will come up in searches for both categories instead of just one single category.  The more you upgrade, the more categories you can list your facility.

Advertise in More Cities

A great benefit to upgrading is that your listing will be viewed in other cities besides the one city your facility is located. Therefore, if someone does a search for a facility in a surrounding city, your facility would come up as a result.  Also, your facility would come up at the top of the list above all other facilities.  More visibility equals more listing views equals more calls.

Add More Media

By upgrading, you can add more images and even a video to your listing.  Enhancing your listing overall will result in more calls and more educated people about the features and benefits of your facility.

Get Bids!

Senior Info Care is the first of its kind to allow visitors to bid on a rate they want to pay for senior living.  These bids will only go to those advertisers who have upgraded their listing.  If you are looking to fill space in your facility, you might be able to get a bid from anyone looking to place a loved one in a particular area.  You can then follow up and decide if you want to fill the space with that bid.